Perlindungan hukum bagi pelaku usaha pengadaan barang/jasa pemerintah terhadap larangan persaingan usaha tidak sehat

Sunarto Sunarto, Raden Murjiyanto, Sudiyana Sudiyana


The purpose of this research is 1) To find out and analyzet the construction of legal protection for business actors procurement services of Government against the prohibition of business competition, especially the problem tender conspiracy; and 2) To find out and analyse about law enforcement on business competition in the procurement of government services that have been carried out in Indonesia. The type of research used in this study is normative juridical law research and is supported with empirical data, with the research nature of descriptive analytical. The approach used by the authors in this study is a legal approach and a case approach, with the research site in Bantul Regency. The types of data used are primary Data and secondary Data, with data collection techniques that are through interviews, question lists, and document studies. Analysis of the data used is qualitative analysis. The results showed that protection for business people procurement of goods/services of Government against the prohibition of unfair business competition, especially the tender conspiracy problem is governed in the act of Prohibition on monopoly and competition practices. The unhealthy business, especially in article 22 to article 24. The tender conspiracy is regulated specifically in article 22 of the Monopoly Act and unhealthy business competition. Enforcement of laws against violations of business competition in the procurement of government goods/services, especially the tender conspiracy in Indonesia can be conducted by the Commission of Business Competition supervisor through the examination and allotment of sanctions sanctions The administration of fines to perpetrators who are convicted of law violations, such as a maximum fine of 25 (twenty five) billion. In addition, it is possible to rationalise or give criminal sanctions as above in the law, through a general judicial process under the general Criminal event law, which is based on the code of Law of the Criminal Procedure (KUHAP).


legal protection; business executors; business competition Unhealthy

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UU No 5


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