Asmiul Rokhman, Suryawan Raharjo


This study aims to analyze the mechanisms and principles of law enforcement and the obstacles faced by the Traffic Unit of Kulon Progo Resort Police against traffic rules violations committed by minors. This research uses qualitative research with normative and empirical juridical approaches. Data analysis was carried out qualitatively descriptively with interactive model analysis. The results of the study explain the implementation of traffic law enforcement against violations of traffic regulations committed by minors in accordance with the authority of the National Police as implementing laws in law enforcement. The Traffic Unit of Kulon Progo Resort Police in enforcing the law for traffic violations prioritizes a social approach, namely by providing guidance and education to the community by giving jokes, especially on violations committed by minors. Law enforcement is more applying a Preemptive and Preventive approach, while firm action in the form of repressive actions is carried out by considering the level of risk of the impact caused by the violations committed, namely violations that can endanger or cause harm to themselves or others, stationary actions can be carried out in the form of ticketing, confiscation of documents and motorized vehicles to the inclusion of criminal sanctions with reference to the juvenile criminal justice system in the legal process faced by children. Obstacles faced in efforts to enforce traffic law at the Kulon Progo Resort Police include: 1) The lacking of human resources in the traffic unit, 2) The lack of modes of transportation and public transportation facilities that accommodate the mobility needs of residents so as to encourage the growth of the number of motorized vehicles used for transportation. personal transportation needs. 3) Changes in social behavior and needs of the community that are not based on knowledge and awareness to obey traffic rules so that they tend to give permission to minors to drive motorized vehicles to be able to help family activities or go to school


Law Enforcement, Traffic, Minors

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