Kajian Sedimen Dasar Sungai Ngrancah, Waduk Sermo

Agatha Padma Laksitaningtyas


Sermo Reservoir is the largest volume reservoir in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The Ngrancah River is the main supplier of water in the Sermo Reservoir, which is also the largest producer of sediment. Sermo Reservoir has an important role in irrigation needs, especially in the Kali Bawang area. Bed Load studies are needed to find out the amount of sedimentation that occurs in rivers which are the main suppliers of water to the reservoir. Can be used as a reference for making policies and maintaining reservoir volume that will not interfere with the reservoir's own performance. Basic sediment analysis uses data analysis discharge with direct measurements. Direct sampling of sediments in the field and testing of sediments to determine the characteristics were carried out in a laboratory. The approach method to determine sediment studies uses three methods, namely Schoklitsch, duBoys, and Einstein. From the results of the analysis of sedimentation studies on the Ngrancah River, Sermo Reservoir, calculations using the Schoklitsch Method of 6.094998 kg/s, result values greater than the duBoys Method of 0.0145681 kg/s and the Einstein Method of 4.3471871 kg/s.


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